Each Mini Hamptons home is architecturally designed to facilitate indoor/outdoor living and is specifically designed to have a flush transition from inside to outside. We have created a range of options listed below, however if you know the exact size you are looking for and you feel our standard pre-designed homes don’t quiiiiet fit the mark, we can custom make one just for you.

Studio – 10m long x 3.5 m wide + 1.5m deck and internal ceiling heights of up to 3 meters

1 bedder – 11m long x 3.7 m wide + 2m deck and internal ceiling heights of up to 3 meters

2 bedder – 11m long x 3.7 m wide + 2m deck and internal ceiling heights of up to 3 meters

3 bedder – 10m long x 6m wide + 2m deck and internal ceiling heights of up to 3 meters

Mini Me (movable) – 6.5m long x 2.45m wide and internal ceiling heights of up to 2.6 meters

If you are wanting small luxury living, we have got you covered as these little homes are already designed to be class from top to toe, however if you would like to opt for more and include a few additional extras we can add:

  • Solar panels
  • Larger awnings
  • Larger deck
  • Internal and/or external Sonos sound system
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning
  • Deluxe bath
  • Furniture Packages

There really aren’t any. Because we don’t know where you live (we are not creepy like that) our unknown costs are transport to your location and any necessary remedial work required on your site that is a unknown for e.g. 

  • Council and certifier fees – each council has its own unique set of requirements and associated fees – to ensure the process is smooth sailing for you, we assist you with the process and look after all the necessary document preparation.
  • Connection to mains (if mains are further than 5m away from the location of the Mini Hampton)
  • Unexpected excavation work – eg. hill side location/investigation of rock etc 

After the private certifier and/or council approval, we take 5 weeks to manufacture the structure of your Mini Hamptons and then we require approximately another 6 weeks on your site to construct and pull your little home together.

Once you place your order with us, our team will engage with a private certifier and surveyor to inspect and approve your site, just to double check that we are all good to go.  Once we have the thumbs up from the guys with the clip board, our team at Mini Hamptons then get going on manufacturing your Mini home structure, pouring the pad footing and building it out for you.  Construction time on site is approximately 6 weeks.

Mini Hamptons homes are constructed using sustainable and recyclable steel and framing,

They are also designed to be off the grid and run by solar as well as water tanks, LPG gas and sewer connections which all work together to ensure these little homes pack an environmentally friendly punch.

We are also working really hard to continue tweaking our internal insulation materials to ensure they are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Anywhere that has land size 450 square meters or more + 12 meter width and you are good to go.

We work with a team of hand picked interior designers that we can put you directly in touch with who can assist you in your journey to stylish Mini living, alternatively you can of course furnish it just the way you imagine it to be on your own.

We are available in select locations across Australia for our local transport. Our team works closely with specific state and local codes to ensure we meet requirements so availability is also subject to design approval and final location specifications.

We work with you in getting your new mini home to your location.  Once your certification is complete and your Mini home structure is manufactured, we load the structural elements on to a truck to deliver to you – our team of builders then construct and secure your new little home on your land. 

You betcha you can! 

If you have the exact size or details of your new Mini home/granny flat/gym/pool house/home office pulling at your heart strings, we can create one just the way you have imagined it to be.



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